Second Wave Pandemic and Welcome Mental Breakdown

In my country, the cases of COVID-19 continue to rise at this time. The situation outside the home is described as dire as more and more people are dying. The description of the funeral process for hundreds of people continues to be covered in the media today. The news of grief with the death of a close person is also increasing. The outside world is described as very scary because the virus is spreading very quickly and many new variants appear with increasingly diverse symptoms of the disease.

Human mobility is increasingly limited, certain permits are needed to only ride public transportation. Some companies were forced to close or temporarily limit their activities. Only critical and essential sectors are allowed to work directly, but they are also limited. Some people have to work from home (including me) and I am grateful that I still have the opportunity to stay quiet and work at home.

COVID-19 Situation in My Country

The situation in my country is that vaccination continues to be improved in all sectors for productive ages. There are two variants provided for free by the government, namely Sinovac and AstraZeneca. However, there are too many conspiracies and fake news regarding vaccines everywhere, even including the COVID-19 situation itself that causes many people to neglect health procedures. Everyone is struggling right now, but many people in my country don’t even care about themselves.

Approaching the lockdown due to the second wave of the pandemic situation in my country, I had a fever and cough due to stress from work and fatigue. However, I was lucky enough because I still had a regular fever and not COVID-19. I keep my distance at home and don’t go anywhere because I want to take care of myself. Including me using a mask at home to prevent transmission. I really feel stressed and other diseases also appear such as stomach acid and anxiety disorder.

The first week of lockdown, I had to work from home. I couldn’t work at all because I kept feeling nauseous and dizzy. I couldn’t think at all about anything and I just slept. Working at home is so hard for me, who usually travels long distances to the office every day. However, what makes it difficult for me is not only working at home, but I can’t go anywhere because mobility is very limited. All malls and cafes are only allowed for takeaway, then taking public transportation must be with certain permits, and many highways are closed by the police. This situation makes me even more stressed. If humans are limited, they will be more stressed and crazy.

The second week, I started looking for ways not to just stay at home. When my head started hurting, I started walking around the housing estate and then returned home or buy the food I like by online delivery. In this condition, I have started to try to accept the reality that should have happened. Accepting is the hardest part for me to do. However, the process of surrendering and surrendering is one way I can do it during this pandemic.

Pandemic teach us about mindfulness

It was also at this stage that I began to look for ways to calm my mind. I don’t care about any achievements, the most important thing is mindfulness, which is to focus on the present situation, not the past or the future. I’m just focused on how I feel right now. If I feel happy, I will look for certain activities to maintain it. It’s as simple as watching Korean dramas or buying your favorite food. When I feel sad or angry, I stop all activities and start managing my emotions. Or maybe sleep is the best way.

Next, is the stage when I start to realize that I still have the opportunity to grow even though my mobility space is limited. I still have the facilities of a laptop and internet that will take me to any world I want. I started doing affirmations and imagined what I wanted to achieve in the future. I started to write by hand about the to-do list that I had to do during this pandemic when I had to stay in my house. Finding busyness and increasing productivity is the goal. Not too rigid to achieve anything, just to pass the time.

Currently, I am starting to open an online course that I haven’t had time to finish. Trying to learn to write through the medium platform as I am doing now. Writing whatever is on my mind is one way to get rid of boredom and get rid of the anxiety that keeps popping up. Try to write and keep writing even though you know your writing is still amateur, but most importantly your mind is relieved. I also started looking for motivational videos related to the career I’m following. I started on the process of letting the water flow where it should, I tried not to limit my thoughts. I try to realize that all this has its time, but time will not repeat itself.

Everyone has a different stage of self-acceptance to a pandemic situation. Everyone has their own way of being happy. Anyone experiencing anxiety like me, please do whatever it takes to make yourself happy and your immune system strong. The current pandemic period is a gift from God, where we can focus only on ourselves and try to be mindful. Start to get to know yourself, what you want and what you need to stay afloat in these difficult times. When you have given up, let this world work as it should and you will find many surprises in your life.

When I had accepted this state, I was very surprised that the spirit had resurfaced in my heart. Starting to appear passionate about learning and remembering my dreams for the future. I started to have the energy to open a laptop and prepare my brain to learn new things. Previously, just looking at a laptop had given me a headache. This world is very, very funny. You never think about what will happen in the future. When I asked for 3 days off yesterday, I didn’t think that I would be working from home for the next 3 weeks, or maybe 3 months, and so on.

Please stay at home and make yourself as relaxed as possible by making yourself happy. Longevity medicine is only by being happy.

By reading means you already know the contents of the thoughts and stories of someone’s life.